About Mogh Roith

Mogh Roith are a Multi-Period Re-enactment, Living History and Experimental Archaeology Group based in Munster, Ireland.

The group specialise in the research, development and display of historical artefacts, equipment and costume from many periods in Irish History and Prehistory.

We mostly depict aspects of life from the 8th yo 11th Century (
Early Christian to Viking era) but have been known to put on presentations in Mesolithic, Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age eras. Some members also have an interest in the 12th through to 17th Century.

Living History and Experimental Archaeology are practices used in an attempt to re-create technology, clothing and artefacts from the past, in order to gain a deeper understanding of history and archaeology.

The group can supply personnel for the film industry including archaeological advice, properties construction or specialised extras, often supplying their own costume. 

The group also offer an excellent opportunity to teach others about the past, which is done through demonstrations, experiments, and hands-on experiences. This is usually done in such settings as schools, festivals and museums. 

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